Buyang, Langnian


  • Language: Buyang, Langnian
  • Alternate names: Buozaang, Buyang Zhuang, Eastern Buyang, E’cun Buyang
  • Language code: yln
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kra, Eastern Kra
  • Number of speakers: 300
  • Script: Category


Buyang, Langnian is a language of China. It is spoken in Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang-Miao autonomous prefecture, Funing county, Gula district, Longse community, Langjia village; Gutao community, Nianlang village.


Similar to E’ma Buyang (See: Buyang, E’ma?). 78% with E’ma Buyang (See: Buyang, E’ma?), yet not intelligible despite frequent contact, 67% with Yerong (Yalang Buyang) (See: Yerong), 50% with Baha Buyang (See: Buyang, Baha), 45% with Pubiao (See: Qabiao), 42% with Laji (Lachi) (See: Lachi?). Also reportedly quite similar to En (See: En) (200 speakers) of Northern Vietnam. (Li Jinfang 2006).

The Buyang, Langnian Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteqa0 ðam11
to blowhip54
to burnɕa11
to buypa:n33 mi312
to chewqa0 ɲa:n312
to chooselɛ312
to comema54
to cookʔdu31
to countɕua:n54
to cryɲi:t, ɲi:t11
to die, be deadla:m312
to digʔba:k11
to dreampan54 naŋ11 ka:n54
to drinkqa0 ʑɔt11
to eatka:n54
to falltuk54
to feari11 vau24
to flowta0 lui312
to flyta0 ʔbin31
to growma11
to hearʑak54
to hideqa0 ʔdet54
to hittup11
to holdmi11
to huntna:k11 thou54
to killma0 tɛ54, pɛŋ24
to know, be knowledgeabletin11
to laughqa0 ɕɔ53
to live, be aliveqa0 ʔdip54
to open, uncoverʔbuŋ11, ha:i54
to planttam24
to pound, beatɕɛk11
to sayi11
to seeqai54 han24
to sewɲip11
to shootŋiŋ11
to sitqa0 tu24
to sleepu11
to sniff, smellhom24
to spitqa0 tu11
to splitpha:k11
to squeezetɔk11
to stab, pierceʔbɔŋ11
to standma54
to steallu:m11
to suckɲup54
to swellkɯ312, ma0 kat11
to swima:p11
to thinknɯ312
to throwvit11
to tie up, fastenpat54, tat54
to turnvɛ31
to walkla0 vi312, va11
to vomitta:u312
to workʔdu31 kɔŋ24
to yawnta0 ha:u54