• Language: Chadong
  • Alternate names: Cha Dong, Chadonghua, Chadongyu
  • Language code: cdy
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
  • Number of speakers: 20000
  • Script: Category


Chadong is a language of China. It is spoken in Northeast Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Lingui county, Guilin muncipality; Chadong district (most villages), Liangjiang township; Yongfu county, Longjiang district.

The Chadong Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitecit8
to blowtshy1
to breathetheu1
to burnta:u3
to cometaŋ1
to countjai5
to die, be deadtai1
to digkwa:t7
to drinksu:k7, tsə1
to eattsə1
to falltok7
to fearkhwi1, kwi1
to flowtshy1
to flypiŋ3
to hearni3 tsjek8
to hitwak7
to hunttsən4(6) na:n4
to killha1, ha3
to know, be knowledgeablehjo4
to laughcy1
to lie downlja:i3
to live, be alivechu3
to seel̥aŋ1 tsjek8
to sewfa:ŋ1
to sitzui6
to sleepn̥jak7
to sniff, smellnən4
to spitphø3
to stab, piercetsok8
to standjyn1
to sucksu:k7
to swellfok7
to swimθeu5
to thinkθi:ŋ3
to throwcha:u5
to tie up, fastenθuk8
to turntsy:n5
to walksa:m3
to vomitløk7
to yawn