Dong, Southern


  • Language: Dong, Southern
  • Alternate names: Gam, Kam, Tong, Tung, Tung-Chia
  • Language code: kmc
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
  • Number of speakers: 1000000
  • Script:


Dong, Southern is a language of China. It is spoken in Area where west Hunan Province and north Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region meet, southeast Guizhou (Yuping autonomous county); Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 20 contiguous counties.


Similar to Mulam (See: Mulam). Lexical similarity: 93% with Southern Dong dialects, 71% with Northern Dong (See: Dong, Northern), 46% with Lakkia (See: Lakkia), 29% with Qabiao (See: Qabiao), 26% with Hlai (See: Hlai), 24% with Gelao, 22% with Lachi (See: Lachi?), 6% with Hmong Njua (See: Hmong Njua?), 4% with Iu Mien (See: Iu Mien).

The Dong, Southern Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteʔit31
to blowsəp21, wet13
to buyȶɐi323
to chewŋɐm31
to chooseʔen323, lai33
to comema35, tɐŋ55
to cooktuŋ55
to countjɐi33
to cryne323
to cut, hackpɐm323, tɐt55
to die, be deadtɐi55
to digʔon55, lɐu55, te53
to dreampjɐn55
to drinkwum31
to eatȶan55, ȶi55
to falltok55
to fearjau13
to flowʔui35
to flypən323
to hearȶhiŋ 453, ɕoŋ55 kha35
to hitʔui53, heu35
to holdum323
to killsa13
to know, be knowledgeablewo31
to laughko55
to live, be aliveȵau33
to open, uncoverʔɐi35
to plantmja212, to323
to pound, beatɕok55, mo33
to saywa33
to seenɐŋ212, nu53
to sewȶip323, paŋ55
to shootpeŋ531
to sitsui53
to sleepnɐk35, nun212
to spitphju453
to splitȵe53, ɕek13
to standjun55
to stealljɐk21
to swellpu55
to thinkmje33
to tie up, fastensuk31
to turnɕon55
to walkȶham13
to vomitȵe55, wen35
to yawn