• Language: E
  • Alternate names: Eahua, Kjang E, “Wuse Hua” , “Wusehua”
  • Language code: eee
  • Language family: Mixed language
  • Number of speakers: 30000
  • Script: Category


E is a language of China. It is spoken in North Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Rongshui Hmong autonomous county, Yongle district, Xiatan, Simo, Xinglong (Xingyou) and other villages; Luocheng Mulam autonomous county border areas.


A mixed language, with large amounts of Tuguai Hua (also called Pinghua, a Yue Chinese (See: Chinese, Yue?) dialect) and Guiliu Hua (a southwest Mandarin (See: Chinese, Mandarin) dialect) vocabulary, tone category, voice quality, and some word structure. The grammar has been more resistant to Chinese influence. Chinese scholars consider E a mixture of Northern Zhuang languages, Mulam (See: Mulam), Dong (See: Dong, Northern) and Chinese.

The E Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteŋ̥ap6
to blowtɕhe1
to breathetɕhe1
to burnphjau1
to buytsy4
to chewȵɛi4
to choosekjen3
to climbpja2
to cometeŋ2
to cooktoŋ1
to countɕo3
to crytai3
to die, be deadpjɛi1
to digwe:t6
to dreamɕe5 muŋ5
to drinkɕuk6
to eatkjen1
to falllok6
to fearl̥əu1
to flyfi1
to growwo:k7
to hearlai3 ȵe4, theŋ4
to hidepok7
to hitkhjeu1, kjyt6
to huntl̥oi4 mam5
to killka3
to know, be knowledgeablelo3
to laughl̥iu1
to live, be aliveɕeŋ1
to open, uncoverkhai1
to plantnam1
to pound, beattɕhoŋ2
to saykjaŋ3
to scratchtse:p6
to seekau4 l̥loŋ1, lai3 l̥oŋ1
to sewnau4
to shootɕa4
to sitnaŋ5
to sleepnun2
to sniff, smellŋwen4
to spitwe4
to standkjyn1
to steall̥ɛk6
to suckɕuk6
to swimwɛi4 n̥am3
to thinknəm3
to turntɕyn4
to walkl̥i:p6
to vomitl̥u:k6
to yawnhəm2 lo:k7