• Language: Fur
  • Alternate names: For, Fora, Fordunga, Furawi, Furakang, Forta, Forok, Konjara, Kungara, Yerge, Onage, Korra, Kadirgi, Kurka, Dala, Lali
  • Language code: fvr
  • Language family: Nilo-Saharan, Fur
  • Number of speakers: 501,800 (1983)
  • Script: Latin script


The Fur language is the language of the Fur of Darfur in western Sudan. It belongs to the Fur branch of the Nilo-Saharan phylum. It has about 3,000,000 speakers.

The verb

There are three tenses: present, perfect, and future. Subjunctive is also marked. Aspect is distinguished in the past tense.

Derivational suffixes include -iŋ (intransitive/reflexive; eg lii "he washes" > liiŋ "he washes himself) and gemination of the middle consonant plus -à/ò (intensive; eg jabi "drop" > jappiò/jabbiò "throw down".)

Negation is done with the marker a-...-bà surrounding the verb; a-bai-bà "he does not drink".

Sample verb bu- 'tire'

Person Past
Sg.1 ùmô
Sg.2 jùmô
Sg.3 buô
Pl.1 kùmô
Pl.2 bùmô
Pl.3 kùmul