• Language: Interglossa
  • Created: 1943
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code:
  • Language family: Conlang
  • Script: Latin script


Interglossa is an international auxiliary language (auxlang), that was developed by Lancelot Hogben. Interglossa is of the type that linguists call isolating, meaning that there are no inflections. Ronald Clark and Wendy Ashby revised the language and renamed it to Glosa.

The verb

All verbs are regular. The verb is not conjugated in person or number.

Sample verb: habe

Pastpre habe
Futurefu habe
Present, immediatenu habe
Present conditionalsio habe
Present continuousdu habe
Present perfectivefin habe

Sample verbs

es, habe, vide, kanta, lekto, ergo, veni.