Romanian, Istro


  • Language: Romanian, Istro
  • Alternate names: Istro-Romanian
  • Language code: ruo
  • Language family: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Eastern
  • Number of speakers: 555
  • Script: Latin script


Istro-Romanian is an Eastern Romance language.

Istro-Romanian is today spoken in a few villages in the peninsula of Istria, on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, in what is now Croatia. Formerly it was spoken in a substantially broader part of northeastern Istria. Dark grey shows the current situation, the light grey shows areas, where Istroromanian was formerly spoken.

The remaining speakers of Itsro-Romanian call themselves Vlahi (a name given to them by Slavs), Rumeni, Rumêri or Rumâri, as well as Ćići and Ćiribiri (this last being a nickname that was used disparagingly for the Istro-Romanian language, not its speakers).



Other IV conjugation verbs formed with -éi and -úi: bivéi, movéi, piséi, frustikéi, carúi, radúi.

Verbs ending in -véi and -úi are iterative, whilst verbs ending -éi are either perfective or imperfective.

Nominal forms

Gerundrugándatirándatragándaavzínda copéinda

Personal forms





Past Perfect

Past perfect is formed with the past participle and combined with auxiliary verb ve in present.åt-amút-aiít-amít-atéit-a(v)

Conjuctive present

is identical to the indicative present, but the conjunction se or neca preceeds it.

Conditional present

(res, rei, re, ren, ret, re) + rugå

Conditional perfect

(res, rei, re, ren, ret, re) + fost + rugå

Conditional future

ConjugationIIIIIIIVårtirúrtraséravzír copéiråritirúritrasériavzíri copéiriåretirúretraséreavzíre copéireårnotirúrnotrasérnoavzírno copéirnoårettirúrettraséretavzíret copéiretårutirúrutraséruavzíru copéiru