Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Jutish
  • Alternate names: Jutlandish, Jysk, Western Danish
  • Language code: jut
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, North, East Scandinavian, Danish-Swedish, Danish-Riksmal, Danish
  • Number of speakers: No estimate available
  • Script: Latin script


Jutlandic or Jutish is a term for the western dialects of Danish, spoken on the peninsula of Jutland.

The different subdialects of Jutlandic differ somewhat from each other, and are generally grouped in three main dialects:

Generally, the eastern dialects are the closest to Standard Danish, while the southern dialect (Sønderjysk) is the one that differs mostly from the others, wherefore it is sometimes described as a distinct dialect, thus Jutlandic is by that definition actually two different dialects: general Jutlandic (nordjysk; further divided into western and eastern) and Southern Jutlandic (sønderjysk).

The Verb

Verbs do not inflect for person or number. They inflect for the present tense, past tense, imperative and indicative mood. Other tenses are formed by combinations of auxiliary verbs with infinitives or past participle.

Sample verb: blinke

Conjugation pattern for regular verbs.

Past participleblinket

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