• Language: Kap
  • Alternate names: Ali
  • Language code: ykm
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Western Oceanic, North New Guinea, Schouten, Siau
  • Number of speakers: 3460
  • Script: Category


Kap is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in Sandaun Province, between Paup and Yakamul coast; Ali, Seleo, and Angel islands.


Ali, Yakamul, Yigel.

The Kap Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite'ar
to blowru
to breathe-lol alí-ak
to burnpis soəʔ
to come-ma
to countpis soəʔ
to crytiəŋ
to die, be deadmiət
to dig'eil
to drink'iəŋ [riəŋ]
to eatʔiəŋ
to fallluət
to fear'eu
to flowsarí
to flyrou
to hearrouŋ
to hittar
to hunt-or
to killtapaiŋ
to know, be knowledgeableroŋ
to laughtʏilítʏ
to live, be alive-tou
to say-pal aliŋ
to scratchnʏɛl
to see'oŋ
to sewsei
to sit-nasi pitʏ
to sleepmawaŋ
to sniff, smelllas
to spitsor
to splitta'aiwak
to squeezewor
to stab, piercesóəʔ
to stand-lul, -tou
to suck'i əŋ [sus]
to swellsará
to swimmom
to thinkaluək
to throwtar
to tie up, fastenlíu
to turnkiruwouŋ
to walksiəl
to vomittamót
to yawn