• Language: Lamaholot
  • Alternate names: Solor, Solorese
  • Language code: slp
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Bima-Lembata
  • Number of speakers: 180000
  • Script: Category


Lamaholot is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in East Nusa Tenggara Province. East tip Flores, west Solor islands; in pockets on north Pantar coast, northwest Alor, surrounding islands.


Lamaholot (Ile Mandiri, Larantuka, Lewolaga, Ritaebang, Taka, Tanjung Bunda), West Lamaholot (Muhang, Pukaunu), West Solor.

The Lamaholot Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitegiké
to blowbuʔ
to breatheharin[nain]
to burntuno
to buyhopé
to chewmamaʔ
to choosepilé
to climbgéré
to comesega
to cookbiho
to countgasik
to crytani
to cut, hackbélo
to die, be deadmata
to diggelin
to dreamturén
to drinknénum
to eatgan
to falldesaʔ
to fearsoʔot
to flowbaʔ
to flybeka
to growtawa
to hearbain
to hidehoron
to hitberin
to holdpéhén
to hunthéwan
to killsebelé
to know, be knowledgeablenoi
to laughgéka
to lie downlédan
to live, be alivemorit
to open, uncoverbuka
to plantmula
to pound, beatbajo
to saymarin
to scratchga'u
to seetedé
to sewhawu
to shootpasak
to sittobo
to sleepturu
to sniff, smellsion
to spitperino
to splitwikak
to squeezepiʔuk
to stab, piercetubak
to standdéʔi
to stealtemaka
to suckisék
to swellbaʔa
to swimnaŋé
to thinkpétén
to throwgébaʔ
to tie up, fastenpuin, pũĩ
to turnwélok
to walkpana
to vomitmutaʔ
to workkeriaŋ, kərĩã
to yawnhoan