• Language: Limburgish
  • Alternate names: Limburgan, Limburgian, Limburgic, Limberger, Limburgs Plat
  • Language code: lim
  • Language family: Indo-European, Germanic, West, High German, German, Middle German, West Middle German, Rhenisch Franconian
  • Number of speakers: 1300000
  • Script: latin


Limburgish is a group of East Low Franconian language varieties spoken in the Limburg and Rhineland regions. The area in which it is spoken roughly fits within a wide circle from Venlo to Düsseldorf to Aachen to Maastricht to Hasselt and back to Tienen. In some parts of this area it is generally used as the colloquial language in daily speech.

In general speech the Limburgish language is often described as a dialect of either German or Dutch, both of which share many characteristics with it.

The Limburgish Verb

Sample verb kalle

Present Past
Sg.1 kal kalde kal
Sg.2 kals kaldes
Sg.3 kalt kalde
Pl.1 kalle kalde kalt
Pl.2 kalt kalde
Pl.3 kalle kaldet

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