Mai Brat


  • Language: Mai Brat
  • Alternate names: Ajamaru, Atinjo, Ayamaru, Brat, Maibrat, Maite, Majbrat, Maybrat, Mey Brat
  • Language code: ayz
  • Language family: Maybrat
  • Number of speakers: 20000
  • Script:


Mai Brat is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in West Papua Province, about 40 villages. Central Bird’s Head, area around Ayamaru lakes.


Maimaka, Maisawiet, Maisefa, Maite, Maiyah. Lexical similarity: 10% with Tehit (See: Tehit?), Mpur (See: Mpur?), Abun (See: Abun?), and its most similar neighbors.

The Mai Brat Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite-afit
to blow-fi
to burn-kah
to buy-irum
to climbatu, -aut
to come-ama
to cook-aim, saruk
to countsnuk
to cry-awia
to cut, hack-aot, -atuah, -ehah
to die, be dead-hai
to dig-akah
to dreampo-smi
to drink-ata
to eat-ait
to fall-awe, ptek, ptu
to fear-sam
to flowfru
to grow-o
to hear-ari
to hide-muot, skuot
to hit-ai
to hold-po
to hunt-usiah
to know, be knowledgeable-har
to laugh-asah
to lie down-apum
to live, be alive-aim, -amos
to open, uncover-fuf, ptak, tpe
to plant-ai, -ase, -aso, -ati, wuom
to pound, beat-muk
to say-awe
to scratchhwoh
to see-he
to sew-amuoh, spis
to shootfnak
to sithren
to sleep-tien
to sniff, smell-nin
to split-esen, haper
to stab, piercefnak
to stand-ros
to steal-suof
to suck-amu, -ia
to think-not
to throw-piet
to tie up, fasten-ake, -fon, -i
to turnweya
to vomittom
to yawnsfakot