• Language: Makasae
  • Alternate names: Ma’asae, Macassai, Makasai, Makassai, Maksae
  • Language code: mkz
  • Language family: Trans-New Guinea, West, Timor-Alor-Pantar, Timor
  • Number of speakers: 102000
  • Script:


Makasae is a language of Timor-Leste. It is spoken in Timor island, east Baucau area and inland, west of Fataluku, from north to south coast in a dialect chain.


Makasae, Maklere. Not closely related to other languages.

The Makasae Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitetia
to blowguuru
to breatheeherei
to burngatadua
to comemau
to countsura
to cryiara, leleu
to die, be deadumu
to digdei, guru, toi
to drinkgehe
to eatnawa
to fallhodesara
to fearhagaa
to flowteere
to flynamalooko, riri
to hearwalii
to hitbase, gene
to holdgasipaa
to huntsoro
to killguta
to know, be knowledgeablemaene
to laughhia
to lie downhotae
to live, be alivediara
to plantsaunu
to saylolo
to scratchsua
to seeena
to sewpahaa
to sithomi
to sleeptae
to sniff, smellorono
to spitilusupa
to splitgetabati, getalari
to squeezeramaa
to stab, piercesaunu
to standetena
to sucksusu, toi
to swellmodara, putu
to swimlooro, nani
to thinkgeere
to throwliana
to tie up, fastengasapa, gasiili
to turngaliria
to walkkaa
to vomithali
to workgini
to yawn