Malay, Central


  • Language: Malay, Central
  • Alternate names: Bengkulu, Besemah, Enim, Lintang, Midden Maleisch, Ogan, Pasemah, Semendo, Serawai
  • Language code: pse
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Malayo-Chamic, Malayic, Malay
  • Number of speakers: 590000
  • Script: Category


Malay, Central is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in South Sumatra Province. East down Lematang and Ogan river valleys; south of Muaraenim town, east and southeast of Lahat town. Bengkulu Province; central Bukit Barisan highlands west to Indian Ocean along Bengkulu coast.


Benakat, Bengkulu, Enim, Kikim, Kisam, Lematang Ulu, Lintang, Ogan, Pasemah, Rambang, Semenda, Serawai. Lexical similarity: 75% with Kaur (See: Kaur?), 80% between Pekal (See: Pekal?) and some dialects such as Pasemah and Bengkulu.

The Malay, Central Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitegigit
to blowembus
to breathebenapas
to burnnyilap
to buybeli
to chewmepak
to choosemilih
to climbnaik
to comedatang
to cookbemasak
to countngitung
to crynangis
to cut, hacknetak
to die, be deadmati
to digkali
to dreambemimpi
to drinkminum
to eatmakan
to fallumban
to feartakut
to flowngalir
to flyterbang
to growbesak
to hearndengagh
to hidebesimbun
to hitgucuh
to holdgenggam
to huntbeburu
to killmbunuh
to know, be knowledgeablengerti
to laughtetawe
to lie downngguling
to live, be aliveidup
to open, uncoverbuka
to plantnanam
to pound, beatnutuk
to sayngicik
to scratchgaghut
to seenginak
to sewnjait
to shootnembak
to sitduduk
to sleeptiduk
to sniff, smellngisap
to spittusuk
to splitmbagi
to squeezenciut
to stab, piercenujah
to standbediri
to stealmaling
to suckngisap
to swellngembang
to swimbekayuh
to thinkmikir
to thrownukar
to tie up, fastenngencang
to turnmbelok
to walkbejalan
to vomitmuntah
to workbegawe
to yawnnguap