• Language: Mang
  • Alternate names: Ba’e, Chaman, Lá Vàng, Manbu, Mang U, Nieng Ó, Xá, Xá Mang, Xá Ó
  • Language code: zng
  • Language family: Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Northern Mon-Khmer, Mang
  • Number of speakers: 2660
  • Script: Category


Mang is a language of Vietnam. It is spoken in Lai Chau Province, Muong Te and Sin Ho districts, triangle-shaped area between Song Da (Black River) and the Nam Na: Nam Nghe, Nam Xung, Nam Ban, Ban Nam Voi, and others. Also in China, Thailand.

The Mang Verb

Sample Verbs

to blowpu51
to breathela55 lian31
to buyθu55
to chewvan55
to chooselɛk55
to climbməɯ51
to cooktom55
to cryȵam51
to cut, hacktiŋ55
to die, be deadθit55
to dreamʔa31 hak55
to drinkhak51
to eatθa55
to falldɔk55
to feartə31 gɔ35
to flypaɯ55
to heardiŋ51
to hideton55
to hitʔɔ51
to holdto51
to killtə31 θit55
to know, be knowledgeableʔo31 tɕɔ51, tiŋ51
to laughȵua51
to lie downʔon55
to open, uncoverȵa51
to pound, beattøʔ31
to saylø51
to seedɔŋ51 vin51
to sewgip55
to shootpaɯ35
to sittan51
to sleepʔɔŋ55
to sniff, smellθɯn51
to spitpəŋ31 ty55
to splitθuak55
to standta55
to suckla55 gi31
to swellhɛʔ51
to swimluaŋ31
to throwty51
to tie up, fastentaŋ35
to walktɕo51
to vomitʑɯa51
to worktɕiʔ51 kuŋ51
to yawn