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Marsian was spoken by Marsi, an ancient people of Italy, whose chief centre was Marruvium, on the eastern shore of Lake Fucinus. The area in which they lived is now called Marsica. Marsian is extinct language and belongs to Osco-Umbrian languages.

The Verb

The verb is very simple and regular. It has only three tenses, present, past, and future. The perfect, plusperfect, and future perfect is expressed by circumlocutions.


 pa . ui . pacueis . medis
 uesune . dunom . ded
 ca . cumnios . cetur

Translation: "Pacus Pacuvius, son of Vibius the magistrate gave [this object as] a gift to Vesuna. Gaius Cominius, censor."

Verb: ded 'gave', probably an abbreviation of dedet.