• Language: Menominee
  • Alternate names: Menomini
  • Language code: mez
  • Language family: Algic, Algonquian, Central
  • Number of speakers: 39
  • Script: Latin script


Menominee is an Algonquian language originally spoken by the Menominee people of northern Wisconsin and Michigan. It is still spoken on the Menominee Nation lands in Northern Wisconsin in the United States.

The Verb

The usual way to express who is doing what in Menominee is to inflect the verb by adding prefixes and suffixes. Instead of using whole words to show who the subject is, Menominee modifies the word with a letter or letters in front of the word (prefix), and a letter or letters at the end of the word (suffix).

Sample verb: kēwāe to go home'

Sg.1 nekēwāem
Sg.2 kekēwāem
Sg.3 kēwāew
Pl.1 (exlusive) nekēwāemenaw
Pl.1 (inclusive) kekēwāeq
Pl.2 kekēwāemuaw
Pl.3 nekēwāewak
Passive kēwāen