• Language: Numbami
  • Alternate names: Siboma, Sipoma
  • Language code: sij
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Western Oceanic, North New Guinea, Huon Gulf, Numbami
  • Number of speakers: 200
  • Script: Category


Numbami is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in Morobe Province, Lae district. 1 coastal village.

The Numbami Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite-saŋa, -you
to blow-pusie
to breathe-so yagawa, -you yagawa
to burn-lalaŋi, -mbosi, -tutuni, yaweni
to buy-ambuli, -baga
to chew-ani bua, -ŋaŋawi
to choose-kelele gi
to climb-pi
to come-ma
to cook-nisi bani
to count-wete
to cry-taŋi
to cut, hack-tala
to die, be dead-mande uni
to dig-tawi
to dream-niniwi
to drink-numu
to eat-ani
to fall-peka
to fear-mandi
to flow-zuzula
to fly-lowa
to grow-tumbu
to hear-loŋoni
to hide-uŋa ata
to hit-lapa
to holdgugumi
to hunt-ŋgewe
to kill-lapa uni
to know, be knowledgeable-yale
to laugh-momola
to lie down-iye
to live, be alivematalalaya
to open, uncover-wosa
to plant-so [iwoya]
to pound, beat-lapa
to say-ŋgo
to scratchwale
to see-yoŋgo
to sew-sali
to shoot-wani
to sit-ndosua
to sleep-iye wai
to sniff, smell-numusu
to spit-kanzuwa
to split-waga
to squeeze-pipia
to stab, pierce-so
to stand-walasa
to steal-pai wena
to suck-numu, -pipia[susu]
to swell-woni
to swim-kota tai, -kota tina, -yuma
to thinktaewembi
to throw-tiŋa
to tie up, fasten-yota
to turn-kawewe
to walk-pa-andalowa
to vomit-luwa
to work-pai kulakua
to yawn-maŋgawa