• Language: Pa-Hng
  • Alternate names: Baheng, Bahengmai, Man Pa Seng, Meo Lai, Pa Hng, Pa Ngng, Pa Then, Paheng, Tóng
  • Language code: pha
  • Language family: Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Pa-hng
  • Number of speakers: 26800
  • Script: Category


Pa-Hng is a language of China. It is spoken in Guizhou Province, Liping and Congjiang counties; northeast Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Rongshui, Sanjiang, Longsheng, Rong’an, and Lingui counties. Also in Viet Nam.


Northern Pa-Hng, Southern Pa-Hng.

The Pa-Hng Verb

Sample Verbs

to biteta31
to blowthjo35
to burnqaŋ35
to buymi44
to chewvɔ22
to chooseljei44
to climbqɔ33
to comenoŋ55, tei33
to cooktɕou22
to cryŋa55
to cut, hacknou22
to die, be deadtei44
to digkhɔ35
to dreammi55
to drinkhɔ53
to eatnaŋ33
to fallno55
to fearȵ ̥ɛ55
to flowlo22
to flyjei55
to growtɕaŋ33
to hearn̥oŋ22
to hideɛ53
to hitmɔ53
to holdai22
to killta55
to know, be knowledgeableȵa55, ko53 pi35
to laughtɕa53
to open, uncoverpo53
to pound, beatto22
to saykaŋ22
to seejaŋ33
to sewjoŋ33
to sitȵoŋ35
to sleepvaŋ35
to sniff, smellȵ ̥i55
to spitthju53
to splitpha55
to standtɕa44
to stealtɕɔ44
to swelloŋ55
to thinksaŋ22
to throwpɛ33
to walkȵi33, tɕa44
to vomitȵo22 tei55
to yawnŋɛ22