• Language: Palauan
  • Alternate names: Belauan, Palau
  • Language code: pau
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Palauan
  • Number of speakers: 14800
  • Script:


Palauan is a language of Palau. It is spoken in Palau Islands. Also in Guam, United States.


Little dialect variation.

The Palauan Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitebangch
to blowmelóko
to breatheoutelíl
to burnmeléseb
to buyomechár
to chewmelamech, melechedáchem, meringet
to choosemelílt
to climbmelidáb
to comeméi
to cookmeliókl
to countomechúr
to crylmángel
to cut, hackmengímd
to die, be deadmad
to digmengíis
to dreamberróus
to drinkmelím
to eatmengáng
to fallorrébet
to fear[me]dakt
to flowmeráel
to flysuébek
to growdúubech
to hearorrénges
to hidemengéleb
to hitmenglébed
to holdobáng
to huntmerrítel
to killmeléb
to know, be knowledgeablemedúch
to laughocherchúr
to lie downmechiuáiu
to live, be alivengar
to open, uncoveromók
to plantmelálem
to pound, beatmelechótech
to saydmung
to scratchmengkás
to seeomés
to sewmerásm
to shootomóes
to sitkiéi
to sleepdurs
to sniff, smellmelúng[e]l
to spitmelúb
to splitmelbótb
to squeezeomét
to stab, piercemerús
to standdechór
to stealmengól
to suckmelmótm
to swellobtíngel
to swimmengedúb
to thinkomdásu
to throwuétech
to tie up, fastenmesáur
to turnmengesóim
to walkmeráel
to vomitmúdech
to work[o]ureór
to yawn[o]uás