• Language: Sui
  • Alternate names: Ai Sui, Shui, Sui Li, Suipo
  • Language code: swi
  • Language family: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
  • Number of speakers: 300000
  • Script: Category


Sui is a language of China. It is spoken in Guizhou Province, centered in Sandu; Duyun, Dushan, Libo, Rongjiang, Danzhai, Leishan, and Congjiang counties; Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nandan, and Rongshui counties; Yunnan Province, Fuyuan county. Also in Viet Nam.


Pandong, Sandong (Central Sui, Southern Sui), Yang’an. Some communication difficulty between dialects. Sandong (Central) is the standard and most intelligible in the area (Castro 2011).

The Sui Verb

Sample Verbs

to blowkhaaŋ5
to burnsut7, tau6
to buyⁿdjai3
to chewm̥aak7
to chooselaai6
to climbsa5
to cometaŋ1
to cookɕuŋ1
to countfon5
to cryʔȵe3
to cut, hackpjam3
to die, be deadtai1
to digqok7, tsət8
to dreamsə3 vjan1
to drinkɣəm4, ɣum4
to eatʔman3, tsjə1
to falltok7
to flyvjən3
to growhum3, tum5
to hearŋ̥ai5
to hideʔjam1
to hitta5, ta6, tui2
to huntho4 naan4
to killʔɣok8
to know, be knowledgeableɣo4
to laughku1
to lie downn̥ak7
to live, be aliveɕu3
to open, uncoverkaaŋ5
to plantho4
to pound, beattui2 ʔau4
to sayfan2
to scratchkwaai4
to seeⁿdo3, qau5
to sewtip7
to shootpeŋ5
to sitfui6
to sleepn̥ak7
to sniff, smellnən4
to spitȶi2
to splitla5
to squeezepan3, taak7
to stab, pierceɣok8, ɕaat7
to standtau6
to stealfe4 ljak7
to suckɕut7
to swellʔɣum5
to swimlui2
to thinkn̥i3
to throwpan5
to tie up, fastenⁿdo1
to turnpan5 ⁿdən1
to walkfui3, saam3
to vomitkun5
to yawnkho1