• Language: Tausug
  • Alternate names: Bahasa Sug, Moro Joloano, Sinug, Sulu, Suluk, Tausog, Taw Sug
  • Language code: tsg
  • Language family: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bisayan, South, Butuan-Tausug
  • Number of speakers: 900000
  • Script:


Tausug is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Jolo, Sulu Archipelago; Palawan island; Basilan island, Zamboanga city and environs. Also in Indonesia, Malaysia.

The Tausug Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitemagkutkut
to blowhuyup
to breathenapas
to burnsunug
to buybiih
to chewqapil
to choosepiiq
to climbdaag
to comekari
to cookbukadkad, maglutuq
to countqitung
to crymagtangis
to cut, hackhuyaq
to die, be deadpatay
to digmagkaliq
to dreammagtagaqinup
to drinkmagqinum
to eatmagkaqun
to fallmahulug
to fearbugaq
to flowsug
to flymaglupad
to growtungbu
to hearmagdungug
to hidemagtapuk
to hitdukduk
to holdkumkumun
to huntmaglawag
to killbunuq
to know, be knowledgeabletuhud
to laughmagkatawah
to lie downkulang
to live, be alivebuhi
to open, uncoverbulat, ukab
to plantmagtanum
to pound, beatmagbayu pay
to sayqian
to scratchmagkamas, qugud
to seekimitaq
to sewmagtahiq
to shootmagtimbak
to sitmaglingkud
to sleepmagtuug
to sniff, smellhamutun
to spitmagluraq
to splitsipak
to squeezepugaqun
to stab, piercedugsuqan
to standtimindug
to stealmagtakaw
to sucksupsup
to swellmaghubag
to swimmaglanguy
to thinkmagpikil
to throwhitiluq
to tie up, fastenhukut
to turngiling
to walkmagpanaw
to vomitsuka
to workmaghinang
to yawniyaban