Lower Central Chinantec


  • Language: Lower Central Chinantec
  • Alternate names: Chinanteco central bajo, Chinantec, Chinanteko, Chinanteco, Valle Nacional Chinantec, j+g dsa k+, j+g ki tsomän, jumi dsa iin+n
  • Language code: cvn
  • Language family: Otomanguean, Western Otomanguean, Oto-Pame-Chinantecan, Chinantecan (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: 1,500
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script: Unwritten.

More information:

    Some sources refer to this language as "Valle Nacional Chinantec," probably because it is spoken in San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional. However, other Chinantec languages are also spoken in San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional. In order to distinguish between them, the most recent data from the Mexican federal government refers to this variety as "Chinanteco central bajo." The primary name provided here is an English translation of the language's most current name in Spanish. Chinantecan is a subfamily with several languages; Ethnologue has 14 Chinantec languages; INALI has 11 Chinantec "variantes." [cvn] is Ethnologue's Valle Nacional Chinantec. Other Chinantec languages, Central Chinantec and Sierra Chinantec, are also spoken in San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional, so the same ISO code corresponds to all three languages (Sierra and Central each correspond to several ISO codes).