Seke (Nepal)


  • Language: Seke (Nepal)
  • Alternate names:
  • Language code: skj
  • Language family: Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Western Tibeto-Burman, Bodish, West Bodish, Gurung-Tamang, Gurungic (SIL classification)
  • Number of speakers: ~7,000
  • Vulnerability: Threatened
  • Script: Unwritten.

More information:

    Seke villages are surrounded by Baragaunle (See: [[Loke]]) speaking villages. Buddhist.

    Related to Gurung. Some similarities with Thakali and Manangba. Very different from Lowa. Tangbe people do not understand Chuksang very well; but Chuksang understand Tangbe. They are reported to understand Gurung but Gurung speakers do not understand Seke.