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    Ashkun speaking area
    Ashkun speaking area in Afghanistan

    Âṣkuňu is a language of Afghanistan spoken by the Ashkun people – also known as the Âṣkun, Ashkun, Askina, Saňu, Sainu, Yeshkun, Wamas, or Grâmsaňâ – from the region of the central Pech Valley around Wâmâ and in some eastern tributary valleys of the upper Alingar River in Afghanistan's Nuristan Province. Other major places where the language of Ashkun is spoken are Nuristan Province, Pech Valley in Wama District, eastern side of the Lower Alingar Valley in Nurgaram and Duab districts, Malil wa Mushfa, Titin, Kolatan and Bajagal valleys.

    The Ashkun Verb

    Sample Verb: go-

    Went, past of 'to go'.

    gʹo-mI went
    gʹō-syou [sg.] went
    gʹahe went
    gʹō-mišwe went
    gʹo-kyou [pl.] went