Chatino, Zenzontepec

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Chatino, Zenzontepec
  • Alternate names: Chatino Occidental Alto, Northern Chatino
  • Language code: czn
  • Language family: Otomanguean, Eastern Otomanguean, Popoloca-Zapotecan, Zapotecan, Chatino, Core Chatino
  • Number of speakers: 8,490 (2000 INALI). 2,000 monolinguals.
  • Script: Latin script.

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    Zenzontepec Chatino, also known as Northern Chatino, or "Chatino Occidental Alto" is an indigenous Mesoamerican language, one of the Chatino family of the Oto-Manguean languages. It is not intelligible with other Chatino languages. It is spoken by one of the most isolated groups in Oaxaca, the Chatino people in the municipalities of Santa Cruz Zenzontepec and San Jacinto Tlacotepec, and in the former municipality of Santa MarĂ­a Tlapanalquiahuitl.

    The Chatino, Zenzontepec Verb

    Zenzontepec Chatino is the most conservative Chatino language. Verbs in this language inflect for four aspect-mood values: Completive, Potential, Habitual and Progressive.

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