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    A castle in Ukraine
    A castle in Crimea, Ukraine

    Crimean Tatar, also called Crimean, is a Kipchak Turkic language spoken in Crimea and the Crimean Tatar diasporas of Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as small communities in the United States and Canada. It should not be confused with Tatar proper, spoken in Tatarstan and adjacent regions in Russia; the languages are related, but belong to two different subgroups of the Kipchak languages and thus are not mutually intelligible. It has been extensively influenced by nearby Oghuz dialects.

    Crimean Tatar is an official minority language in Ukraine.

    The Crimean Tatar Verb

    As is the case with any Turkic language, verbal morphology is the most complex part of the Crimean Tatar morphological system. The verb is inflected for the grammatical categories of

    We include the category of voice under verbal inflection rather than derivation on the basis of the definition of inflection as "morphology that is accessible to and/or manipulated by rules of the syntax"


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