Danish, Sejerø


  • Language: Danish, Sejerø
  • Alternate names: Sejerøsk
  • Language code: ddans
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Germanic, Northwest Germanic, North Germanic, South Scandinavian, Nuclear Danish
  • Dialect of: Danish
  • Number of speakers: ?
  • Script: Latin script

More information:


    The inhabitants of Sejerø used to speak a very archaic variant of Danish until late 19th century, when there were 700 inhabitants that spoke it. With improved communications the language has become closer to standard Danish, and the archaisms are lost in the language.

    About Sejerø Island

    Sejerø is a Danish island in the Kattegat close to Zealand. The island covers an area of 12,36 km² (5 square miles) and has 400 inhabitants. The largest village on Sejerø is Sejerby, with half of the island's population.

    In Medieval ages there were two villages on Sejerø: Sireby (today Sejerby) and Koningstorp (today Kongstrup). Sejerø has been referenced at least with the following names: Syra, Siiræ, Syrø, Seræ, Sere, Seerø, Serøe.

    The Sejerø Danish Verb

    The verbs are inflected in the same moods and tenses as standard Danish.

    Sample verbs

    Old Norse Sejerø Danish Danish
    Infinitive Past Infinitive Past Past participle Infinitive Past
    geyma geymdi gæmə gæmdə gæmt gjemme gjemmet
    létta létti ledə ledədə let lette lettet