Kabuverdianu of Brava


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    Cape Verdean Creole is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken on the islands of Cape Verde. It is also called Kriolu or Kriol by its native speakers. It is the native creole language of virtually all Cape Verdeans and is used as a second creole language by the Cape Verdean diaspora.

    Kabuverdianu of Brava belongs to the Sotavento (Brava, Fogo, Santiago and Maio) cluster of Kabuverdiano.

    The Kabuverdianu Verb

    There is no person, number, or gender agreement between the verb and the subject in Creole of Brava. There is a basic distinction between stative and dynamic verbs in terms of temporal interpretation of their bare forms:

    Creole of Brava has seven verbal markers for aspect, mood, tense, and voice. Mood ta and aspect sta, sa ta, ta markers appear in a pre­verbal position. The marker dja that indicates that an event has been completed can be found in a preverbal or postverbal position. In contrast, the anterior marker (-ba) and the passive voice marker (-du) are postverbal.