Mixtec, Yoloxóchitl

Conjugate Verbs


  • Language: Mixtec, Yoloxóchitl
  • Alternate names: Mixteco de Yoloxóchitl
  • Language code: xty
  • Language family: Otomanguean, Eastern Otomanguean, Amuzgo-Mixtecan, Mixtecan, Mixtec-Cuicatec, Mixtec, Guerrero Mixtec
  • Number of speakers: 10,600 (2000 INALI).
  • Script: Latin script.

More information:


    Yoloxóchitl Mixtec is a Mixtec language of Guerrero. It is not close to other varieties of Mixtec.

    The Mixtec, Yoloxóchitl Verb

    Verbs in Yoloxóchitl Mixtec inflect for incompletive and completive aspect and for irrealis mood. There is also an inflectional form for the negative of verbs in this mood and, conditionally, in the two aspects. The language has two alternative forms for the completive.


    a³sa³, cha³ka³ba³, cha³ka³nduʔ⁴u⁴, cha³ka³ta⁴, cha³kwi³in³, chi³chin⁴, chi³i³, chi³ka², chi³keʔ⁴le¹, chi³kun², chi³kuʔ³ba², chi³ndaʔ³a⁴, chi³nde³e⁴, chi³ndi⁴ki⁴, chi³nduʔ⁴u⁴, chi³ni³, chi³pa⁴chi¹, chi³pa⁴chi⁴, chioʔ¹o⁴, chiʔ³i³, choʔ¹ma⁴, choʔ³ma⁴, chu¹⁴tu², chuʔ¹⁴ma¹, chuʔ³u⁴, i¹chi¹, iʔ³in³, ka¹an¹, ka¹an³, ka¹ba¹, ka¹kan¹, ka¹ku³, ka¹ña¹, ka¹nda¹, ka¹sun¹, ka¹tu⁴, ka¹xan⁴, ka¹ya¹, ka³a⁴, ka³an², ka³ba³, ka³ba⁴, ka³chi², ka³chiʔ³i³, ka³ka³, ka³kin², ka³kiʔ¹i³, ka³ko¹o³, ka³ku³, ka³kuʔ¹un³, ka³kwi¹in¹, ka³kwi¹in³, ka³na³, ka³na³nu³, ka³nda²a², ka³nda³ba³, ka³nde³ta³, ka³ndi³chi², ka³ndi³ko¹o³, ka³ndi³so³, ka³ndi⁴xa³, ka³ndiʔ³i³, ka³ndo³so⁴, ka³nduʔ⁴u⁴, ka³ndwaʔ¹a³, ka³ni², ka³ni³, ka³ni⁴nu³, ka³niʔ¹i³, ka³sa³, ka³sa³chiu⁴un⁴, ka³si², ka³si³kweʔ³e², ka³si⁴, ka³sun², ka³ta¹bi¹, ka³ta², ka³ta³, ka³-ta³ka³a³, ka³-ta³ni³, ka³ta⁴, ka³-taʔ³nu³, ka³ti¹in¹, ka³ti¹in³, ka³tu⁴, ka³xaʔ⁴an², ka³xaʔ⁴ni³, ka³xi⁴, ka³xi⁴ta³, ka³ya², kaʔ¹a¹, kaʔ¹an¹, kaʔ¹nu¹, kaʔ¹un³, kaʔ¹yu¹, kaʔ¹yu⁴, kaʔ³a³, kaʔ³an⁴, kaʔ³bi³, kaʔ³ma³, kaʔ³mi³, kaʔ³nda², kaʔ³nda⁴, kaʔ³ndi², kaʔ³ni⁴, kaʔ³nu³, kaʔ³yu⁴, ke¹e³, ke¹ndu³², ke¹nu³, ke¹ta³, ke¹yu⁴, ke³-baʔ¹a³, ke³e³, ke³ta³, keʔ³e⁴, ki¹⁴tu³, ki¹ku³, ki¹ni⁴, ki¹tuʔ⁴un⁴, ki³naʔ³a², ki³ni⁴, ki³si³, ki³su⁴bi²⁴, ki³taʔ⁴an⁴, ki³taʔ⁴ni³, ki³tuʔ⁴un⁴, ki³xa²a², ki³xa³a⁴, ki³xi³, kiaʔ³bi¹³, kiʔ¹bi³, kiʔ³in³, ko¹ko³, ko¹so¹, ko¹yo³, ko³ko³, ko³ko⁴, ko³nda²a², ko³nde³e³, ko³-nde³e⁴, ko³ndo³, ko³ndoʔ³o³, ko³o³, ko³seʔ⁴e², ko³so⁴, ko³to³, ko³yo³, koʔ¹ni⁴, koʔ³ni³, koʔ³ni⁴, koʔ³o³, ku¹chi³, ku¹ndaʔ¹a³, ku¹nuʔ¹u⁴, ku¹sun¹, ku¹un⁴, ku¹xi³², ku³-ba³ta⁴, ku³-baʔ¹a³, ku³-bi¹xi³², ku³-bi⁴ka³, ku³-chaʔ¹mba⁴, ku³chi³, ku³-chi³tu⁴, ku³chi⁴, ku³-chiaʔ⁴an⁴, ku³chun³, ku³i³ni², ku³-i³tun⁴, ku³-kaʔ³an³, ku³-kiʔ⁴bi³, ku³-laʔ⁴la¹, ku³-le³ke³, ku³ma¹ni⁴, ku³-maʔ³a⁴, ku³mi³i⁴, ku³na¹⁴ni³, ku³-na³a⁴, ku³-na³mi⁴, ku³-na³ni², ku³-na³ni⁴, ku³-naʔ¹a¹, ku³naʔ³a², ku³-naʔ³a⁴, ku³-nda¹a⁴, ku³nda³si², ku³-nda³si⁴, ku³-nda³tu³, ku³-nda⁴a⁴, ku³-ndaʔ¹yu¹, ku³-ndaʔ⁴bi², ku³-nde³ta³, ku³-ndi³chi², ku³ndi³ka², ku³ndi³kun², ku³ndi³to³, ku³-ndi³xi³, ku³-ndiʔ¹i³, ku³-ndo³so⁴, ku³ndu³ndu², ku³nduʔ⁴u⁴, ku³ni², ku³ni³, ku³-ni³ni³, ku³-niʔ³i³, ku³-nu¹⁴u³, ku³-nu¹mi⁴, ku³nu³, ku³nu³nu³, ku³-ñu³u³, ku³-ñu³u⁴², ku³-nuʔ³ni², ku³-ñuʔ³u³, ku³-si¹i⁴, ku³si⁴ki²⁴, ku³si⁴ti²⁴, ku³-siʔ⁴i², ku³-so³ko², ku³-su⁴ku²⁴, ku³-ta³ka³a³, ku³-ta³ku², ku³-ta³nde³e³, ku³-ta³ni³, ku³-ta⁴tan⁴, ku³taʔ³an², ku³-taʔ³nu³, ku³-ti¹ki³xin⁴, ku³-ti¹sun¹, ku³-ti³saʔ⁴ma³, ku³-to¹⁴o², ku³tu³, ku³-tu³un³, ku³tu⁴, ku³-tuʔ¹ba³, ku³u², ku³u³, ku³un³, ku³un⁴, ku³xa³, ku³-xaʔ¹a¹, ku³-xaʔ³an², ku³xi³, ku³-xi³yo³, ku³-xi⁴ni⁴, ku³-xiʔ³na³, ku³-xiʔ⁴nda²⁴, ku³-xu⁴xan³, ku³-ya³tin³, ku³-yaʔ⁴bi³, ku³-yo⁴ko¹, ku³-yu⁴ma⁴, kuʔ¹un¹, kuʔ³ni² (= chi³kuʔ³ni²), kuʔ³u², kwa¹ku¹, kwa¹ñu¹, kwa¹xin³, kwa³chi³, kwa³ku³, kwaʔ¹a³, kwaʔ³a³, kwaʔ³nu³, kwe³e², kwe³ta³, kwi¹i⁴, kwi¹in¹, kwi¹ko⁴, kwi¹kun¹, kwi¹na¹, kwi¹so¹, kwi¹so³, kwi¹ta¹, kwi¹ya⁴, kwi³i³, kwi³i⁴ (=sa⁴-kwi³i⁴), kwi³in³, kwi³ko⁴, kwi³nda²a², kwi³so³, kwi³ta³, kwiʔ¹in³, kwiʔ¹ña¹, kwiʔ¹nu³, ma¹ni⁴, na¹ma³, na³ma³, na³ma⁴, na³na³, na³ni², na³ñu³, na³ñu³u³, naʔ¹a¹, naʔ¹ma¹, naʔ¹na¹, nda¹ta⁴, nda³a³, nda³ba³, nda³-chaʔ⁴bi³, nda³chi³i⁴, nda³-chi³kun², nda³chi⁴, nda³i³chi², nda³i³ni², nda³ka¹a¹, nda³ka¹tuʔ⁴un⁴, nda³ka¹xin³, nda³-ka¹ya¹, nda³-ka³a⁴, nda³ka³ba³, nda³ka³ka³, nda³-ka³na³, nda³ka³ni², nda³ka³ni³ni², nda³ka³ta³, nda³ka³ti¹in¹, nda³ka³ti³, nda³-ka³ya², nda³ka⁴tun⁴, nda³-kaʔ¹an¹, nda³kaʔ¹nu¹, nda³-kaʔ³an⁴, nda³-kaʔ³yu⁴, nda³ke³e⁴, nda³keʔ³e⁴, nda³-ki³nde³e⁴, nda³-ki³si³, nda³kin², nda³-kiʔ³in³, nda³-ko¹o³, nda³ko¹so⁴, nda³-ko³ko³, nda³-ko³to³, nda³ko⁴, nda³koʔ³ma⁴, nda³ku³, nda³ku³ni², nda³kuʔ¹un³, nda³kuʔ³u⁴, nda³kwa³tu³, nda³kwaʔ¹a³, nda³kwe¹ta³, nda³-kwi¹in¹, nda³-kwi¹kun¹, nda³kwi³in³, nda³-kwi³so³, nda³-kwi³so³, ndi³-kwi³so³, nda³-na¹ma³, nda³-naʔ¹a¹, nda³ndi¹ka¹, nda³ndi³i³, nda³ndi³i⁴, nda³-ndi³ko⁴, nda³ndi³so³, nda³ndi³xin⁴, nda³ndo³o³, nda³ndo⁴so²⁴, nda³-ndu³chi³, nda³-ndu³ku⁴/ndu³ku⁴, nda³niʔ¹i⁴, nda³-nu¹na⁴, nda³nuʔ³u³, nda³ñuʔ⁴u⁴, nda³-sa¹a⁴, nda³-sa¹ka¹, nda³sa¹ma³, nda³sa³, nda³-sa³ka⁴, nda³ta³a³, nda³-ta³ba⁴, nda³-ta³ka², nda³-ta³ku², nda³ta⁴, nda³-taʔ¹bi⁴, nda³-taʔ³bi⁴, nda³-ti¹in³, nda³-ti³in³, nda³ti³so⁴, nda³-tiʔ³bi³, nda³tiʔ³bi⁴, nda³-tu¹u³, nda³-tu¹u⁴, nda³-tu³u⁴, nda³tuʔ⁴un⁴, nda³-xa²a², nda³-xa³a³, nda³-xi³koʔ⁴ni³, nda³xi⁴, nda³-xi⁴ta³, nda³xin³, nda³xiʔ³i⁴, nda³-ya¹⁴kun², nda³-yeʔ³e², ndaʔ¹ba¹, ndaʔ¹yu¹, ndaʔ³a², ndaʔ³ba², nde¹e³, ndi¹i⁴, ndi¹ko³, ndi³ki³taʔ⁴an⁴, ndi³ko³, ndi³kweʔ³e², ndi³kwi¹kun¹, ndiʔ³i³, ndo¹o³, ndo³ko²o², ndo³ko³, ndo³ko³o⁴, ndo³ko³to², ndo³-ko³to³, ndo³niʔ³i³, ndo³o³, ndo³to³, ndu¹ba¹, ndu¹ta¹, ndu¹xin¹, ndu³ba², ndu³-baʔ¹a³, ndu³-bi³ta⁴², ndu³-bi⁴chi⁴, ndu³chi³ (kwaʔ⁴a¹), ndu³i³ko⁴ / ndu³kwi³ko⁴, ndu³-i⁴ta⁴, ndu³-ka⁴chi¹, ndu³-ka⁴xi³, ndu³-kaʔ³an³, ndu³-ku³na⁴, ndu³-ku³nduʔ⁴u⁴, ndu³ku³ni², ndu³-ku³tu⁴, ndu³ku³xa³, ndu³ku⁴, ndu³-ku⁴tu²⁴, ndu³-kwa¹chi³, ndu³-kwa⁴ñu³, ndu³kwi³ko⁴, ndu³-ma¹ni¹, ndu³naʔ³a² (tu⁴ni¹), ndu³-ndi³i⁴, ndu³-ndi³kun², ndu³-ndi³xi³, ndu³-si¹i⁴, ndu³su⁴ku²⁴, ndu³ta³, ndu³taʔ³an², ndu³-tiʔ⁴bi³, ndu³toʔ³ni³, ndu³-tu¹u¹, ndu³xan³, ndu³-xi¹nu¹, ndu³-yaʔ⁴bi³, nduʔ¹u⁴, niʔ¹i³, niʔ¹i⁴, nu¹ma¹, nu¹na⁴, nu³mi³, nu³u³, sa¹a⁴, sa¹ña⁴, sa³ka⁴, sa³ka⁴na³, sa³-kwe⁴nda², sa³na³, sa³ña⁴, sa³ta⁴, sa⁴-chuʔ¹⁴ma¹, sa⁴-ka³sun², sa⁴-ka³xan⁴, sa⁴-kaʔ³a³, sa⁴-ke¹e⁴², sa⁴-kiʔ³in³, sa⁴-ku¹chi³, sa⁴-kwa³chi³, sa⁴-kwaʔ³a³, sa⁴-kwi³ko⁴, sa⁴-na³na³, sa⁴-naʔ¹a¹, sa⁴-nda³ba³, sa⁴-ndaʔ³bi², sa⁴-nde³ta³, sa⁴-ndiʔ¹i³, sa⁴-ndiʔ³i³, sa⁴-ndo³to³, sa⁴-ndu¹xin¹, sa⁴-nu¹mi⁴, sa⁴-nu³u³, sa⁴-ñuʔ⁴u⁴, sa⁴-sa¹a⁴, sa⁴-ta³tu²u², sa⁴-ta³xaʔ⁴a⁴, sa⁴taʔ³an⁴, sa⁴-ti¹⁴bi³, sa⁴-to¹o³, sa⁴-xa¹a¹, sa⁴-xi¹nu³ / ja⁴-xi¹nu³, sa⁴-yuʔ³bi², saʔ¹bi³, si⁴-kwe¹kun¹ (sa⁴-kwe¹kun¹), so¹ko⁴, su¹kun¹, su³koʔ⁴ni³, su³ku⁴, su³-kwe⁴nda², su³ma³, ta¹⁴ni³, ta¹an³, ta¹bi¹, ta¹ku¹, ta¹nda³², ta¹ni¹, ta¹xi⁴, ta¹xin¹, ta³a³, ta³an⁴, ta³ba⁴, ta³bi³, ta³chi⁴ñu³, ta³kweʔ³e², ta³na³, ta³ndaʔ³a⁴, ta³nde³e³, ta³ni³, ta³seʔ⁴e², ta³ta⁴, ta³tu²u², ta³xaʔ⁴a⁴, ta³xi³, ta³xi³kwaʔ⁴a⁴, ta³xi⁴, ta³ya², taʔ¹bi⁴, taʔ¹nda¹, taʔ¹nu¹, taʔ¹yu¹, taʔ³bi⁴, taʔ³ni³, ti¹⁴bi³, ti¹in³, ti³bi², ti³chaʔ⁴ni³, ti³in³, ti³ka³si², ti³nda²a², ti³so⁴, ti³su⁴ku²⁴, ti³xi⁴tin⁴, tiʔ³bi³, tiʔ³bi⁴, tiʔ³nu³, to¹o³, tu¹nda³², tu¹u³, tu¹un¹, tu¹xi⁴, tu¹xuʔ⁴u², tu³teʔ⁴e⁴, tu³tu⁴, tu³u³, tu³u⁴, tu³un², tu³xi⁴, tuʔ³un³, xa¹⁴bi², xa¹⁴ni², xa¹⁴ta², xa¹a¹, xa¹xa¹, xa³a³, xa³ka³, xa³nda⁴, xa³xa⁴, xi¹⁴ko³, xi¹⁴nda², xi¹⁴ta³, xi¹ni³, xi¹nu³, xi¹xin⁴, xi³i², xi³ka⁴ba¹³, xi³kwaʔ⁴a⁴, xi³kwe⁴nda² (alto es xo³kwe⁴nda²), xi³kwiʔ⁴na⁴, xioʔ¹⁴o⁴, xiʔ¹⁴ni³, xiʔ¹⁴ñu³, xo⁴kwi¹in¹, xu³ku⁴tu²⁴, ya¹⁴kun², ya¹ni³, ya³tan³, yaʔ¹a³, yuʔ¹⁴bi².

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