Kondoma Shor


  • Language: Kondoma Shor
  • Alternate names: Šor tili, Tadar tili, Mrassu
  • Language code: dcjsk
  • Language family: Turkic, Common Turkic, Central Siberian Turkic, South Siberian Turkic, Yenisei-East Siberian Turkic, Yenisey Turkic
  • Dialect of: Shor
  • Number of speakers: 2800
  • Script: Cyrillic

More information:


    Mrass and Kondoma have traditionally been considered dialects of a single language, despite the fact that they belong the different branches of Turkic and are reported to be mutually unintelligible.

    The total number of Shor speakers is around 2,800. This includes speakers of both Kondoma and Mrass.

    The Kondoma Shor Verb