• Language: Orsamål
  • Alternate names: Orsmål
  • Language code: dqero
  • Language family: Indo-European, Classical Indo-European, Germanic, Northwest Germanic, North Germanic, North Scandinavian, East-Central Swedic
  • Number of speakers: ?
  • Script: Latin script

More information:


    Orsamål is Dalecarlian dialect spoken in Orsa municipality in Upper Dalarna, Sweden.

    Since Sweden's Radio Ltd started its nation-wide broadcasts in 1940's the use of Orsamål has declined. Nowadays most people can't speak or understand it. Also many people that talk Orsamål make grammatical mistakes and mix it with Swedish loanwords.

    Dalecarlian languages

    There are many variants of Dalecarlian.

    • Dalecarlian
    • Nedansiljansmål
    • Orsamål
    • Elfdalian

    The Orsamål verb

    Sample verb: tålå

    tålå (English: to talk, to speak)

    Person Present Imperfect Imperative
    Sg.1 tälär täläd -
    Sg.2 tälä!
    Sg.3 -
    Pl.1 tålum tälädum -
    Pl.2 tålä ? tale!
    Pl.3 tålå täläd -