Sami or Saami is a general name for a group of Uralic languages spoken by the Sami people in parts of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and extreme northwestern Russia, in Northern Europe.

Sami is frequently (and erroneously) believed to be a single language. Several names are used for the Sami languages: Saami, Sámi, Samic, Saamic, Lappish and Lappic. The last two are, along with the term Lapp, considered derogatory by some.


Sami Languages Sorted Alphabetically

Geographic distribution

 LanguageNative speakersGeographic distribution
1Saami, South600Sweden, Norway
2Saami, Ume20Sweden
3Saami, Pite20Sweden
4Saami, Lule2000Sweden, Norway
5Saami, North?21,000Norway, Finland, Sweden
6Saami, Skolt320Finland, Russia (Europe)
7Saami, Inari250Finland
8Saami, Kildin800Russia (Europe)
9Saami, Ter?6Russia (Europe)
 Saami, Kemi?ExtinctFinland
 Saami, Akkala?ExtinctRussia (Europe)